Pierre-Louis Costes

Pierre Louis Costes

Pierre-Louis Costes

Recognized by his peers like the best bodyboarder in the world today.
2011 & 2016 World Champion.

Pierre-Louis Costes was born on January 25th 1990. He started bodyboarding in Morocco before moving to France to refine his skills surfing Hossegor’s infamous beach breaks. He exploded on the world stage in the late 2000’s after a long trip to Australia with a runner-up finish at the 2009 Pipeline event. Pierre-Louis Costes has been riding for Pride Bodyboards since 2011 and has won all his World Title riding his own template: The Answer. He’s been dominating the world ever since.

Pierre-Louis Costes' Gear Selection

On this page, you'll find Pierre-Louis Costes' bodyboarding essential. The board he rides, the fins he uses, leashes, accessories and more.